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About Us

Welcome to creativenamibia.com, the hub where all our passions meet. We are:

Pandora’s Box: A quirky gift & souvenir shop in the heart of Swakomund. But we’re more than “just souvenirs” …

Creative Hobby + Craft: Inside Pandora’s Box, you’ll also find Creative Hobby + Craft, bringing you everything you need to paint it, podge it, or craft it. Passionate crafters at heart, we provide a variety of hobby + craft items to inspire our fellow creatives. We also offer craft classes at the shop to help you express your creativity. Need more than just inspiration? We’ve got that too …

Creative by Pandora’s Box: This is where our creative side really comes out to play and we have fun producing and selecting a variety of gifts, jewellery, home decor, and more. You’ll find us at our Trendhous table and in Pandora’s Box.


Our History

Pandora’s Box started in November 1999 as a gift & souvenir shop and café. Remember Kartoffelpuffer Fridays? Yum. We went strong for over a decade - until we had the opportunity to sell the café and move the gift & souvenir shop to a better location. We grabbed it with both hands - and have never looked back. In 2018, we saw the realisation of a secret dream and Creative Hobby + Craft was born.

Since then, we’ve continued to build up the gift & souvenir shop, expanded the creative side, and celebrated our 20th birthday. Then Covid-19 hit and halted all our plans. But creatives adapt and change, and we’re now introducing our online shop. So please browse our products, support our dream, and let the creative in you journey on.