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Small Business, Big Heart

Meet The Family

Reni: Finance Guru & Girl Friday
Reni is the owner and financial brains of Pandora’s Box, who guides the venture from the sidelines but jumps in whenever needed. She loves to sew in her spare time. The soul of Pandora's Box, always available for a smile and a chat when she’s at the shop.

Silke: Manager & All-Round Creative
Silke is the glue that holds this business together, taking care of the day-to-day running of the shop. She also has many other job titles: Social media strategist, photographer, and all-round string-puller. A trained Goldsmith, creativity is her blood type (well, actually, her blood type is coffee ;-) the stronger, the better). She is a maker, a do-from-scratcher and cardmaking is her favourite hobby.

Tina: Public Relations & Crafty Designer
Tina is the heart of the team, the crafty tech wizard, who runs our website/online shop and is the brains behind many of our handmade products. A Graphic Designer by trade and a craft enthusiast, she loves to engage with people and teaches all of our craft classes.

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We are family - a strong team, navigating through life with creativity, enthusiasm, and laughter. And we want you to join our family too, join the world of gifts, souvenirs, and creativity...

Welcome to Creative Namibia